Behind the Chocolate

About the Artisans

Lilly Belki Odali

Lily, an employee of over two years, is a valued member of the company. She oversees all chocolate production and manufacturing.

One of Lily’s proudest achievements is that she can take care of her extended family that shares the family compound. These family members include her daughter, Balki, and sister, Odali. These three women all live together and work together as chocolatiers in Trujillo, Honduras.

Times have not always been easy for this family. And the opportunity to work as a chocolatier has empowered Lily and her family to rise above their circumstances of living hand to mouth. 
They are now able to put aside some money for the future.

Some of Lily’s responsibilities include producing the finished chocolate bars for large orders. She is often assisted by Balki and Odali. Lily is extraordinarily proud to have a career and that she can call herself a Chocolatier.   

Lily finds passion in her newfound profession and the fact that it provides the same opportunity to her six sisters while utilizing ingredients sourced locally from Honduras.  This includes cacao, cocoa butter, and sugar.

Lily and her family have a huge sense of pride and delight to produce chocolate that the world can enjoy.