• Woman owned. Women helped.

Our Story

In 1504, Spanish explorers anchored in what is now known as Trujillo Bay, Honduras, and tried a new delicacy made from the sweetened product of local cacao trees… chocolate. They brought their find back to Europe where it was heralded as a decadent treat fit for royalty.

Over 500 years later we discovered a very small chocolate-making operation started by American missionaries and operated by a group of local women in Trujillo.

This chocolate is sourced from Cacao trees growing on the very same mountainsides that produced the first European-discovered chocolate. 

Our Mission

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Behind the Chocolate

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Chocolate for a Cause

The women who make the bars are very proud of their chocolate. By purchasing from Trujillo Bay Chocolate Company, you are helping these women gain skills as well as provide for their families.

By giving a sense of confidence and self-worth to women, we are encouraging generational change on our own scale, and making a huge difference in their lives and the future of their families.

Your purchase of our chocolate is helping multiple generations of women.

By purchasing this chocolate, you are supporting women and farmers and ensuring enduring change that will be passed to future generations.